Book Review: When A Good God Allows Rape

Have you experienced an unfavorable, hurtful, and faith-rattling circumstance in your life? A circumstance so hurtful that it left you anxious, desperate, frustrated and disappointed? If so, you would most likely appreciate the book entitled “When a Good God allows Rape”, written by Ms. Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza.

I was introduced to this book through Ms. Joy’s personal blog.  Ms. Joy, by the way, is a wonderful author, mom and wife, and I praise God for her imperfect yet grace-filled and faith-centered life through Jesus Christ. If you want to be encouraged in the Lord, you may want to watch her testimony featured in CBN Asia (see: “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”).

The book is heartwarming for a lot of reasons. For one, it is a beautiful story of how faithful God is in His promises. Romans 8:28 is a solid take away from the book.  It says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Despite the unimaginably hurtful circumstance that Ms. Joy and her family experienced, their relationship with God, strengthened by God’s sovereignty and Word, shone like a rainbow after a storm.

The book begins with a background of Ms. Joy’s family. I like that this portion prompts the reader to search for the answer to the famous question, “If our God is an all-loving and all-powerful living God, why would He allow horrible things to happen.. especially to good people?”

Ms. Joy wrote her story from a God-led heart purposely focused on telling the world that God is good all the time – that even though Satan intends to harm us, God is always with us ready to transform those intentions into something good and beautiful. I do believe that “When a Good God allows Rape” is not a book published so we can idolize the author; it was published so we can idolize our great God.

The book is broken up into 17 chapters – 5 chapters in which I could not help but cry. Along the way are big moments of encouragement.  I love how this book offers just enough direction to keep me focused, but not too much that I am focusing on Ms. Joy’s words rather than God’s. If you are wondering about the technical side of this book, I find it easy to read. It is not brain-exhausting; it is, like I said, heartwarming. It is only 115 pages thick which is great because you can actually finish the book in less than an hour if you desire to!

Answered Prayer: Around September of 2016,  I was able to meet and greet the author of the book, Ms. Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza, together with her husband, Mr. Edric Mendoza, in one event by OMFLit.


Full disclosure: Ms. Joy did not ask me to write this, nor am I receiving any kind of compensation for reviewing her book. I really just wanted to tell you about this book! Like I mentioned, I love this book and I cannot recommend it enough. Out of excitement, I already shared the book to a good friend. Our pastor read it as well and he advised the women in our ministry to read it, too!

Ms. Joy’s testimony is indeed a true story of forgiveness, victory in Christ and God’s amazing grace over rape and tragedy. It is a beautiful life story to treasure. You may buy the book for only Php 100.00 in any OMF Lit bookshop!

Happy reading!

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