Leave Your Bags, Our Guide is Ready!

This website has a new domain. It is no longer my name but three words from Genesis 22:3: Set out for. One may call this move as “rebranding” but nothing was really “established” in this blog for the past years so it can’t be rebranding. Perhaps, just a redirection.

I do not plan the posts I write. I just realize the website needs to be updated and so I would pray and get inspired then I would find something relevant and encouraging to write. Each post has a purpose and I believe each impacts every reader differently. Most of the time, the verses shared here speak like a double-edged sword for both the reader and me.

This website has less than ninety subscribers – indeed very few – and I don’t exactly know what they need, but I always write something with a hope to encourage every reader who stops by.

The domain of this website changed not because I am starting over but because I am starting again. I have the same vision I have had from the beginning — to write for Christ. This time however I start with more than just getting by.

Writing is not my purpose in life. It never will be. My purpose is to follow Jesus – His life and ministry; to seek and honor Him all the days of my life, and to go and make disciples of all nations. I only view writing as a gift revealed meant for the glory of God. I see it as a way for people to hear the gospel, be encouraged in Christ and share Him as well.

I won’t be able to bring this new domain when I see Jesus face-to-face. It does not have an eternal value, really. What will matter is how I faithfully used such gift for the gospel thus for the glory of God.

I prayed about this, thought about this, really sat down before the Word and prayed for a leading. Anything. And by God’s grace something came to mind: If my purpose is to follow Jesus – His life and ministry; to seek and honor Him all the days of my life, and to go and make disciples of all nations, then why not focus on that? Why talk about insights from all areas of life – randomly hitting what seems significant at the moment, if I can focus on sharing about the trenches and joys of being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus?


Then lo and behold, setoutfor.com came to mind two days before the expiration of my previous three-year old domain. The new domain is an answer to a prayer. Inspired by farawaydistance, a YouTuber, I prayed for a three-word title based on Scripture.

My favorite chapters in the Bible are Genesis 22 and John 15. A story of absolute surrender to God and an illustration of a personal relationship with God, respectively. My desire was for the three-word title to come from any of these chapters. “Set out for” struck me because it implied a direction; a journey prepared for. It’s like my personal relationship with God; a walk prepared for, guided to a direction.

I do not know exactly where this whole writing will go. It will take a lot of time, energy and courage to write something on every .doc file. And people can take it or leave it. Like it or hate it. It can resonate with their soul or not touch them at all. The outcome is unknown but it’s okay. I can’t shake this deep desire in my heart to write — to share honest stories and tell how great my God is. 

I am still waiting for an opportunity to attend a writing workshop or a writers’ conference so I can hone this gift. But with or without that opportunity, I wait on God. I suck at using the proper prepositions and verb tenses. I often mess up in using the right punctuations and delivering good grammar. But I have a God who authored faith and whose words created an unfathomable universe! That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works! (Psalm 26:7) 

Welcome to setoutfor.com! a personal blog that shares the triumphs, failures, adventures and re-routes of being a disciple-making disciple of Jesus. 

Leave your bags, our guide is ready. There are exciting breakthroughs along the way. Let’s head on to where we should set out for!


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